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Ramet is carrying out some of Israel's most complex infrastructure projects. Its expertise includes: roads, railway and runway construction, bridges and interchanges construction, excavating infrastructure tunnels.


Infrastructure Expertise:


Roads, Railways and Runways
Since its establishment, Ramet has paved long kilometers of roads and runways. The company has paved both military and civilian runways, including the "silent" runway in Ben-Gurion International Airport. Ramet has paved lots of Ayalon highways. The company also carried out many projects for the Israeli army (IDF), which included construction works in ground forces bases and air force bases.
Bridges and Interchanges
Ramet has built long kilometers of bridges and interchanges throughout Israel, from the well known Halacha chain bridge (built in the 1950s) to the Light trail cable bridge at the entrance of Jerusalem design by the well known architect Santiago Caltrava. The company carries out complex projects for Israel Railways Corporation, for the Israel Highway Agency, Ayalon Highways, Moriah the Jerusalem development and more.
Tunnels and Shafts
Ramet has carried out some of the most complex infrastructure projects in Israel, including excavating tunnels for Bezeq (Israel's largest telecommunications service provider), Ministry of Defense, Netanya Municipality and Gush Dan region sewage union (Egodan). Ramet has completed a drainage tunnel connecting Emek Refa’im with Nahal Sorek (Ein Kerem), two train tunnles in the line from Tel-Aviv to Modi'in and more.
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